Virtually Unlimited Financing For Atlanta, GA Business Owners

Anzak Global Finance understands how important it is for local businesses in Atlanta, GA to have access to quick and reliable financing in order to grow successfully. We also know that some businesses face challenges when applying for traditional loans due to prior bankruptcy or current financial difficulties. For these reasons, we offer accounts receivable financing (sometimes known as factoring) services to local entrepreneurs

Accounts Receivable Financing

For Atlanta-based businesses that have unpaid customer invoices with aging period of 30 days or more, you can sell those receivables to us in order to get the money you are owed (minus a small processing fee) without having to wait on payments from customers. In essence, we allow local business owners to outsource their receivables to us so they can focus on growing their operations, rather than wasting time and other resources trying to track and collect payments.

Factoring Benefits

Using our accounts receivable financing solution has many benefits, such as:

Fast cash (within 24 hours)
No fixes payments
No personal guarantees
No credit checks on your business
No debt on the balance sheets
Financing options for businesses of all sizes and types
No arbitrary decisions by a loan board
Fast and flexible financing
Increased funding as receivables and sales increase

Money from our accounts receivable financing program can be used for any business need, including growth capital, payroll, and inventory.

Merchant Cash Advances for Atlanta, GA Business Owners

Anzak Global Finance now offers merchant cash advances (MCAs) as an alternative to traditional business loans. This solution offers working capital against future credit card sales, providing the flexibility small business require without locking entrepreneurs into restrictive payment schedules.

Advantages of MCAs

The capital advanced to your business has no specific designation, so you can use the money as you see fit. This program gives business owners the following advantages:

No fixed monthly payments
Zero debt on balance
No prepayment penalties
No restriction on use of funds

With favorable terms, many business owners in Atlanta, GA use our merchant cash advances for purchasing inventory, launching advertising campaigns, expanding operations, hiring additional staff, and much more.


Anzak Global Finance offers the best working capital solution in Atlanta, GA. Call our team today at (770) 400-9871 and let us help you unlock your growth potenetial.