Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans

Loan Qualification Through Property Potential

If you have found the perfect location to secure growth of your business or wish to refinance your current premises, you can let the property speak for you in your loan application.

With our stated income commercial real estate loan option at Anzak Global Finance, the potential of the target property is of primary consideration in the approval process.

The Ideal Property

With a stated income loan, you must show that the property income value is able to service the mortgage, taxes and insurance. Some examples of possible business use are:

Apartment building
Office and retail space

Almost all property types can qualify, and the loans are fully amortized with fixed rates. In addition, the approval process for stated income loans is generally faster than traditional commercial loans because fewer documents are involved.

A Variety of Uses

Your stated income loan can be used for a variety of purposes in addition to real estate purchase or refinance. You can fund property improvements to make your location even better. You may need working capital or seek to increase your cash flow through debt consolidation. By combining credit card debt, equipment leases and other monthly expenses into one payment, you could free a substantial sum every month.


Let your property speak for you at Anzak Global Finance. Contact us today for your stated income commercial real estate loan.