Small Business Loans

We Offer Quick and Efficient Small Business Loan Processing

Here at Anzak Global Finance, we offer a small business loan program that is a great option for start-up businesses of all types. If you are looking for a flexible, customized financial solution, you have come to the right place. As a Preferred Financial services company, we are able to get your SBA loan approved efficiently and quickly.

Small businesses almost always need some form of financial assistance in order to grow and experience success. However, it can be difficult for brand new businesses to be approved for financing from banks and other lending institutions. When you do not have the capital you need to build your business, you can rely on Anzak Global Finance to provide you with quality financial solutions.

Real Estate Financing

We offer many different types of real estate financing for commercial and industrial industries. If you need funding in order to purchase, renovate, build or refinance the following types of properties, we can help:

Repair shops
Gas stations
Non-conforming properties
Convalescent hospitals
Hotels and motels
Auto dealerships
Single-purpose buildings
Veterinary facilities

The above list is only partial and does not include all of the property types for which we provide funding. If you need real estate financing for a property that is not included in this list, simply give us a call and we can discuss available financing options for your situation.

Business Acquisition Loans

We offer business acquisition loans with the following terms:

Terms up to 15 years
Financing up to 80%
Quick pre-qualification process
Fully amortized loans
Cash flow and company management are primary loan indicators
No prepayment penalty
No balloons

Equipment Financing

We frequently provide equipment financing for the following equipment types:

Laundry and dry cleaning
Commercial binding/printing
Heavy equipment
Machine tools

Large Loans

In addition to our small business loan solutions, we also offer large loans up to $5 million for larger companies. These loans come with competitive rates and terms.


To find out more about our small business loan solutions, call us today at (770) 400-9871.