Merchant Cash Advance

Operating Cash With Easy Payback

Anzak Global Finance is pleased to offer merchant cash advance, an alternative to a small business loan that provides many attractive advantages.

These funds advanced against future credit card sales are available for a variety of uses, and payback will not strain your cash flow in low sales months.

How It Works

The money you receive is an advance on your future sales, and you pay it back by returning a percentage of those sales. There are no fixed monthly payments to stress your budget when business is slow. The more you make, the more you pay on the advance. When you make less, your payment is less. In addition, merchant advance requires no equity to be put at risk, and there are no application fees or closing costs.

Use the Funds as You See Fit

With such favorable terms, the opportunities for growth are plentiful. A lump sum could be just the boost you need to move forward in your business. For example, funds could be used for the following:

Purchase inventory
Launch an advertising campaign
Expand your business
Update your premises

You decide how you want to use the money to enhance your business and take a financial leap forward.


Merchant cash advance opens a world of possibilities. Contact us at Anzak Global Finance today to realize your growth potential.