Healthcare Financing

Funding to Keep Your Practice Strong

At Anzak Global Finance, we understand the monetary challenges you face in your daily operations as a medical professional. That is why our healthcare financing is designed to enable you to expand your practice, improve your premises, acquire necessary equipment and increase cash flow.

You Decide Where to Use the Funds

With our working capital loans, you decide how the money should be used. We offer lengthy terms with no upfront payments to allow you to put your plans into action. These loan proceeds can be directed in a variety of ways, including personal needs, consolidating other financial obligations, and funding growth of your business.

Clear Your Financial Clutter

If revolving debt is eating up your available funds, contact our expert team about consolidation of debt. We offer a streamlined approval process for quick relief from the demands of multiple payments. Consolidation can reduce your expenses and free more time to tend to your patients.

Enhance Your Practice

Since proper medical equipment is crucial to your daily operations, we offer a variety of payment options and can arrange for concurrent lease and loan agreements. In addition, we provide funding for growth and upgrading opportunities, including the following:

Expansion loans
Improvement financing
Practice acquisitions


Whether you are a doctor, dentist, veterinarian or chiropractor, we are here to help you with your healthcare financing and working capital needs. Contact us at Anzak Global Finance today for a brighter future tomorrow.