Contract Financing

Receive Instant Cash for Your Future Contract Sales

Here at Anzak Global Finance, we are proud to offer a sensible and flexible contract financing program. Businesses that desire to monetize their finalized or negotiated contracts in order to receive immediate cash for future sales are invited to take advantage of our unique program. For some businesses, receiving instant cash for future sales is preferable to receiving small amounts of cash throughout the contract period.

Highlights of our Program

Our contract financing program is very generous and includes some of the following highlights:

Ideal for small companies and start-ups
$1,000,000 minimum deal size
Component of equipment must be included in service contract
Customer must be near or at investment grade
Not intended for service maintenance contracts that are ongoing

Each of our financing programs is tailored to meet our client’s individual needs. One of our trusted financial advisors will discuss your needs with you prior to recommending a financial solution in order to ensure that your business needs are effectively met.

Industries that Benefit From Our Products:

Our contract financial solutions benefit many different industries, including:

Waste management
Computer systems
Water purification
Digital broadcasting
Food processing
Many others

If you work in an industry that is not included in the above list, our financial solutions will almost certainly work for you as well.


To learn more about the contract financing solutions we offer to businesses of all sizes, call us today at (770) 400-9871.