Annuity Financing

Take Advantage of Our Convenient Annuity Financing Program

The business world can be completely unpredictable, and it is nearly impossible to be prepared for every unexpected event and expense that may come up. Here at Anzak Global Finance, we help businesses meet their most unexpected financial obligations through our annuity financing program.

This program allows businesses to sell their annuities to us for immediate cash. Whether you want to sell a portion of your annuities or all of them, we can create a financial arrangement that is based upon your unique needs and preferences.

Program Benefits

Our annuity financing program offers a variety of benefits to businesses of all sizes, including:

Ability to cash out an annuity
Option to easily transfer assets to heirs
Instant liquidity to manage unexpected, large expenses
Top-tier customer service
Customizable financing options
Avoidance of costly surrender charges

Information You Should Have Before Calling

Before calling us and asking for a quote, it is helpful to have the following information on-hand:

Policy number
Date of first payment
Date of last guaranteed payment
Payment frequency and amount
Insurance company name


If you do not know where this information can be found, you can call us and ask to speak with a financial representative. We will be happy to walk you through the process so that you can quickly obtain a quote. For more information about our generous annuity financing program, call us at (770) 400-9871.