Acquisition Financing

Expertise for Optimal Loan Structure

You can count on our team at Anzak Global Finance to determine the best configuration for your merger or acquisition financing.

We will evaluate the various aspects of your transaction and create a loan product structured to your advantage.

Getting to Know You

We start with a financial evaluation of your company. We want to get acquainted with your strengths, be familiar with your current assets, and understand your plans and goals. You will have an opportunity to share your expectations for the transaction and discuss the benefits you anticipate receiving. This provides a foundation for selecting the best financing options to address your needs and purposes.

Looking at the Target Company

The next step is an evaluation of the target company. We perform an in-depth analysis in areas such as:

Present financial condition
Business potential
Current assets

These studies form the basis for projecting how your business will increase its growth prospects and where you will realize a gain. Knowing the target company provides leveraging strategies in creating financing structure.

Putting It All Together

Armed with the information from the detailed studies of both companies, our experts can sift through the variables to find the optimal structure for your acquisition financing. You benefit from terms designed to your best advantage, allowing the availability of more funds for their intended use.


In taking this big step for your company, you need the strength of solid financing. Contact us today at Anzak Global Finance to get the most from your acquisition or merger.