Better Money Habits for Financial Freedom

25 Trillion Dollar yearly income

We have to admit, we need money for our everyday living. No one in this world can survive without it. Money is the primary means of spending. You can determine how wealthy a person is by his money. If a person has much, he is called wealthy. If his money is scarce, he is called poor. But, have you ever wondered why some people are rich while some people are poor?

Financial freedom is for everybody but not everyone knows it. The road to financial freedom may still be vague for other people. You can’t grow more money. But if you learn how to be a better saver, your money can go a long way. Also, learn how money can work for you and not the other way around.

Below are some tips to help you have better money habits. This can help you to save, budget and increase your income more. When you change the way you think about money, your overall financial situation will also change.

How to save, budget and increase my income more


  • Minimize credit card usage.

If you can, use cash for all your purchases. A credit card is like a “fake version of being rich”. When you know the maximum limit of your credit card, you are given this thought that you can buy anything in one swipe. Try to avoid using your card except in emergency purposes. Use it wisely or you will be buried in debt.


  • Review your finances every month.

There’s a saying that goes, “What is measured, gets managed.” Keep a record of all your income and expenses. Check if your finances meet your monthly budget. You can write it down or use a spread sheet to monitor your finances monthly. Also, check the interest earnings of your savings. You might opt to put some of your extra cash to other investments such as paper assets.


  • Track your expenses.

Be very vigilant in recording all your expenses. Record everything and check for unnecessary spending. Don’t forget to include small purchases because sometimes they are the cause of over spending. This might be a little daunting but recording your expenses can help you improve your spending. Also, by regularly doing this, you can also get a bigger savings.


  • Review your monthly billings.

Review all the billings that you received per month. Check if there are unusual charges. Utility companies sometimes include other charges for fluctuation, distribution and others. Verify also your credit card billings if all the purchases included in the billing statement are correct. Never hesitate to call their customer service hotline if you have charges that you do not understand.


  • Conserve utilities.

Conserving utilities is also one great way to save more money. Do not forget to turn off all the lights whenever you leave home. Include also your appliances. If the weather is good outside, open your windows and use fans around the house to circulate the air and cool down during summer season. Use your air conditioning on days that are really hot. If you are going out of town, turn off the water heater. In this small ways, you can help conserve energy and you can cut down your utility bills as well.


  • Take a walk.

Walking doesn’t only help you save on transportation costs but it is also a form of good exercise. Try taking small walks to do your errands. In this way, you can enjoy walking while having a sight-seeing too!


  • Use coupon for some purchases.

Coupons are a great way of getting discounts. Never be ashamed of using such because it will give you savings. Some grocery stores offer coupons for purchases made to their stores. Always check for businesses that offer coupons and try to use them wisely and as needed.


  • Invest in paper assets.

If you have spare cash that you do not need, why not invest them in the stock market? The stock market will give you a higher dividend rate than the interest in a bank. Study and invest in good businesses that will give you higher profit. It might take some time to learn the techniques but this will help you earn additional income. This is where “money works for you.”

These are but just some guidelines that can help you achieve financial freedom by having better money habits. A good control of your cash can go a long way and if you succeed, you are on your way to financial freedom.