7 Tips for Great Team Management

Collaboration has helped many people to accomplish great things. In today’s business world, with so many entrepreneurs able to connect and network from all over the globe, teamwork is as important as ever. No matter the size of your business, it often takes a group of individuals working together to make progress, and being able to cultivate those relationships is important. If you’re looking to improve your small team management skills, here are seven ideas for you to consider.

  1. Bond Immediately

Some people are adverse to the idea of team building exercises, but turning a group of individuals into a cohesive unit is extremely important. Whether it’s through games, a picnic lunch or a trip to the movies, make sure everyone is able to connect as people, not just coworkers.

  1. Make Everyone a Role Player

People have different skill sets, and you’ll want each person in your company to feel useful. If there are a few employees who seem to do better work than everyone else, put them in situations where they rely on the other teammates in order to succeed.

  1. Inspire Rather Than Demanding

Small team management falls apart when workers start to feel as though they’re being forced to work. Yes, the job does need to get done, but things will go much more smoothly if tasks are accomplished on the employee’s terms. Being flexible often results in higher productivity.

  1. Keep “Real Life” in Focus

It’s hard for many small business owners not to get swept up in work-related matters every waking minute of the day. Your team should be encouraged to talk about their families and things that take their minds off the job throughout the day.

  1. Change Things Up

A meeting every Tuesday at 4pm will become less and less effective as more Tuesdays come and go. Schedule meetings as necessary, and try to make them fun whenever possible.

  1. Don’t Force Communication

Some days, people really don’t want to talk. While you shouldn’t tolerate an employee having a consistently bad attitude, you also can’t expect people to be cheery every day. Allow team members their peace and quiet.

  1. Celebrate Differences

The best way for everyone to feel included is by acknowledging and respecting people’s differences. This can also help team members get to know each other better.

Small team management isn’t always easy. Nevertheless, if you have a good approach and an open mind, you can get the most out of your employees and create a great working atmosphere.

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